I consider myself a professional partner working along with you to ensure that your image remain consistent and memorable. With many years working in the advertising and printing industry as an art director, as well as independently, I bring a variety of skills and experience to the job. This combination allows me to create collaborative and self inspired solutions.
I can offer affordable marketing strategies and materials that get you noticed quickly...giving you that competitive edge in a market full of global giants. 
I want to help your businesses grow and be successful.

Brinckerhoff Design is a graphic design agency in Delaware, Ohio that offers graphic design services for website design, logo design, social media design, and print advertising. My primary role as a graphic designer is to successfully give my clients design solutions that communicate their brand across a diverse range of channels. My partnership with a network of marketing and advertising professionals brings design products that are strategic, make a connection, and reach a large audience while still feeling personal. Let's get attention, make a connection, and keep it! 

Email or call today to get a free estimate. I look forward to working with you!

Jennifer Brinckerhoff


Make a lasting impact through user experience and you will create an unforgettable connection with your consumer. Within a more competitive environment, it is no longer enough to build your business with just a great product or exceptional service. Without digital marketing and advertising, very few people will know about it. The style of your brand and it's impact throughout all points of contact with vibrant graphics, internet presence, and social media communication is a requirement for today's savvy consumers. Investment in your user's experience and company image through impactful design is an investment in your success.